How To Play

How do I download the free casino software?


You can play in the Jackpot City Pokies Casino by following the few simple steps below:


Step 1

Click any of the links on this site, you will be rushed over the the Jackpot City website. Click on any of the ‘Download’ buttons to download our free software to your computer.

Step 2

You should see a popup box, similar to this one. Save the file to your desktop and then double-click the icon to install the casino software on your PC.

Step 3

Install the software on your PC. You may get an anti-virus warning while installing, but you can ignore this, most anti-virus programs flag casino software as virus software, but it is not.

For the best pokie experience, you are best to install the software on your machine. This way the sounds and animations will be just like the real thing. If you have a slow PC or unreliable internet connection, it will be painful to try and play these games without installing the software.

If you no longer wish to play, you can always uninstall the software like you would with any other program.



Step 4

Once you have installed the casino software, click on the REAL MONEY button to register an account. Don’t worry, you don’t have to deposit anything, this will allow you to start playing all the games.


Step 5

Register an account using your REAL details. This is very important if you win, the casino will ask you to verify your identity and if you have used bogus details, they won’t be able to pay you.


Step 6

After you have completed registration, you will be taken to the casino lobby.


Step 7

Select ‘Video Slot’s or ‘New Games’ and choose from over 250 different pokies!




Click the download button below



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