5 Sneaky Tips to Maximise Your Free Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses are a great way to experience a new casino and to try out some new pokie games for free. If you’ve never played in an online casino before, using a free casino bonus is probably the best way to start.

Jackpot City Pokies has an exclusive $25AUD Free Casino Bonus you can claim via any of the links on this site. Once you have claimed your bonus, we’ve put together a list of five ways to maximise your casino bonus so it lasts even longer!

Here’s five ways to make that bonus last longer….


1 – Split It Up

When you first get your $25 bonus, think of it as 5 x $5 bonuses so you can play five different pokies off the same bonus. The great thing about playing online pokies is that the RTP (return to player) percentage is much higher than land based machines, so $5 will give you a decent run on a game (as long as you bet conservatively).




2 – Avoid Progressives

It’s widely known that pokies linked to a progressive jackpot have a lower RTP% than those games that don’t. The progressive jackpot is fed by player wagers and these progressive jackpot contributions mean that the base game will pay out less than a non-progressive linked game.

Most progressive games require you to bet the maximum anyway, which is not so smart if you’re trying to stretch your bonus.

Progressive Jackpot pokies

Avoid games like Mega Moolah to maximise your bonus



3 – Choose Cheaper Games

Let’s be honest, the free money is really just an incentive so you can try out some new pokies and start playing more regularly. To stretch it further, look for games that have a lower minimum bet.

For example, Playboy is a game with a 243 ways to pay schedule, for .30 you can cover all the lines available and play for a decent amount of time.

Secret Santa however is a game with a 1024 ways to pay schedule, so you need .50 minimum to cover all the lines. If you’re playing at a constant speed, it won’t take long for the Secret Santa to chew through your budget.


Let’s say you play on average 5 x spins per minute (taking into account time for your wins), after only 10 minutes of playing you will have wagered the following:

Playboy = $15 wagered in 10 minutes

Secret Santa = $25 wagered in 10 minutes

Look for games that still use ‘lines’ for their paytable, this way if you get down to your last few cents, you’ll still be able to buy some lines.

The Lucky Koi pokie is a good game to play if you’re trying to stretch your bonus as it only has 25 lines.

Lucky Koi pokie screenshot

Lucky Koi is a good game to play your bonus on



4 – Volatility Matters

The volatility rate of a game is a measure of how often a winning combination will drop in over a period of time. Highly volatile games tend to pay out more often, but in smaller amounts. Low volatility games pay out less often, but often the wins are higher.

When using a bonus, you should go for the games that have a higher volatility. This will allow you to play the game longer and possibly strike a feature and see some of the cool things the game does.

Here are some games with a higher volatility:



5 – Let it Ride!

If you’re feeling extra lucky today, why not take that last $5 and put it on a even money bet in the casino. Head to the roulette table maybe and let it all ride on Black!

You might lose it all, but then again, you might double your money and now you’ll have even more casino bonus cash to play your favourite pokies!

Screenshot of Roulette game

Try to double your money on Roulette



Play with $25 Free

If you haven’t claimed your $25AUD Free Bonus yet, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE MONEY!

Simply click here for your casino bonus, on the next screen click the big blue ‘Play Now’ button and create a new account with Jackpot City. The $25 will appear in your account automatically when you first log into the casino lobby after confirming your account.

If you have any questions at all about using the bonus, please refer to our FAQ section.


Do you have any tips to maximise your casino bonuses? Please help others and leave a comment below…



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